LDC Abogados has great experience in the area of transport, understanding by it, any system of means that leads persons and goods from a place to another, normally, through the payment of a price.

The work and effort of its members have allowed that the Firm places itself among the national leaders in the Law of Transport covering the three areas of the sector: Air, Maritime and Terrestrial.

In addition, due to the Firm’s international projection and the experience and knowledge of its professionals, it has been capable of fighting, as well as, of advising and solving successfully the numerous and different matters that have been appearing to it all along its existence.

The above-mentioned ones have gone from questions presented by airlines of international renown, as well as, passing by matters of companies dedicated to transport in worldwide including for surface mail or sea route.

In all cases of LDC Abogados, language, place and circumstances were not an obstacle to realize the entrusted work.